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JOYCUT is a creative music outpost formed in Bologna_The project is named after the songs ‘Joey’ from Nick Drake’s Time of No Reply and the Pink Floyd’s The Final Cut_After some sonic exploration of early recordings [Anyflies |EP 2003; AFishCounter |EP 2005; TheStrangeTaleOfMr.Man |EP 2006; TheVeryStrangeTaleOfMr.Man |LP 2007; GhostTrees |EP 2009], JOYCUT’s most distinctive sound bore its true fruits with the 2011 release “GhostTreesWhereToDisappear”_The 2013 Album “PiecesOfUsWereLeftOnTheGround” took the band to new heights, evidenced by the album's continued success, with a never ending tour of over 300 dates across North America, Asia and Europe, culminating in a Top 5 European Talent Exchange Programme [ETEP / Eurosonic] position_Unique international result for a totally independent Italian project_In 2014, MTV Iggy “elected” them as one of the most interesting bands of SXSW;Nic Harcourt supported them through KCSN radio in Los Angeles, and they are asked by VISA to write the music for the Football World Cup in Brazil to represent Italy_2015 opens with a busy tour in the United States and Canada that sees them play on more than 70 stages in a year_With the digital mantra #JoyCutNeverStops the band visited 3 continents, 74 countries, 216 cities, 75 festivals, and headlined 48 concerts in the USA_In 2016, JOYCUT tours with The Chemical Brothers in Italy_Following a scintillating TEDx talk and performance in Verona and inspired by their recent vivid tours in the East, JOYCUT made their debut at the Biennale di Venezia in 2017 with their “Opera” in six acts K O M O R E B I: a soundtrack tribute to Japan_Komorebi is the “distinctive effect of sunlight as it filters through the thin gossamer leaves of trees”_The sold-out show was a combination of their dramatic music with visual art chapters that created a world to get lost in_In the autumn of 2018, they enter into the prestigious ITB agency and tour the UK, touching via The Great Escape Festival legendary venues such as O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire and the futuristic Oval Space, the temple of London's electronic avant-garde_While preparing their new work, they are invited by Robert Smith to the 25th anniversary of the Meltdown Festival in London of which Mr. Smith himself is Artistic Curator_The invitation, as the headliner at the historic Purcell Room inside the Southbank Center, on the opening day of the Festival, June 15, 2018, is marked by an exhibition that will become “JOYCUT | Robert Smith’s Meltdown - OneStepCloserToTheMoon” a Documentary, that will be screened throughout 2020 by International Film Festivals and will receive awards at the “Wales International Film Festival”, “Doc’n’Roll Film Festival, “Seattle True International Film Festival”_2019 is the season of International Festivals, the culmination of which will be sharing the stage with The Cure at INmusic in Zagreb_On 19 January 2020, just a few weeks before the Pandemic occurred, the band plays one of their most memorable concerts, performing in Bologna in front of 40.000 people in support of the magic four free spirit activists called “Le Sardine” [The Sardines] who had built a real and conscientious opposition to the arising populism of the right-wing in the country since that previous summer_The band's philosophy, which has always been linked to environmental issues, celebrated the #Clash4Climate, the international day dedicated to the Climate Crisis, on 7 February 2020, via KEXP Radio: 24 hours on-air in which Kevin Cole interviewed JOYCUT, drafting an exclusive podcast, whose green statement has become yet another poetic manifesto of the band's sensitivity_Despite the Pandemic and lockdowns, there have been a couple of meaningful highlights in the background of these difficult times in which life is suspended: participation in the MED “streaming” Festival for Europe and a “real” show “live”, the last one in front of a real -albeit distanced- crowd, in Prato at the “Pecci” amphitheater on July 15_After finishing mixing the tracks for the New Album throughout these last silent and long months, in response to the severe restrictions applied to the Music Industry and in aid of the live clubs experiencing unprecedented difficulties, JOYCUT decided to act by launching a campaign to raise funds to be donated to those venues_To support the campaign, on the 1st Day of the New Year, 1/1/2021, the band performs a live stream show called “1+1” | ForTheOnesWhoDreamOfBetterWorlds, devolving 100% of the tickets sold, and playing a two hour show, offering Three Acts, reveling all their New Music from the upcoming Album in two of them_“1+1” | ForTheOnesWhoDreamOfBetterWorlds will become a DVD/BOOK in photographs, containing in their live version all the tracks of the New Album_In the meantime on the palindrome date 12.02 | 20.21, finally and for the first time, “JOYCUT | Robert Smith’s Meltdown - OneStepCloserToTheMoon” will land on TV, being broadcasted, also in Italy, via SkyArts_On June 12, 2021, exclusively for Record Store Day, ten years after the release of the album"GhostTreesWhereToDisappear", to celebrate its longevity and content - very current - the band release a special limited vinyl edition, with unpublished and rarities from the period 2011_Brian Eno selects a track from the brand new JOYCUT’s album to be included into his EARTH/PERCENT project whose playlist / compilation will be released on April 22, 2022_On 20 May 2022 at the Museum of Modern Art | MAMBO | of Bologna, JOYCUT, as absolute premiere, will allow visitors to access a multi-perceptive installation, whose listening to proximity | together with mapping and images | will finally introduce the public to the BLU* JOYCUT_On June 5th 2022 TheBluWave - TimesWhenSilenceIsAPoem - TheIceHasMelted - AndBleedingGlaciersFormOurTears, fourth work of the band, will finally see the light_After 9 years of assiduous becoming | a new wave | undresses the beach | like snow on disaster_

Main Event: 21:00