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Noyz Narcos

Noyz Narcos, stage name of Emanuele Frasca, known as Noyz or White Zombie (born December 15, 1979 in Rome), is an Italian rapper, beatmaker and writer. He is also a member of the Italian hip-hop collective TruceKlan.
As a teenager he began playing basketball and cultivating a passion for Nike and graffiti so he joined the TBF crew and Savage Boys. He began his career in a grindcore group together with Metal Carter, but soon realized that his path was that of hip-hop. He entered the world of rap at 19 in the crew Erreaccanegativo, founded by Darko Fetz and Ricky Jd. They released their first album Calma apparente in 1996, but Noyz did not take part in it as he left the crew. Later in 2000 he worked with Truceboys in the creation of their first EP. He then joined the Roman crew on a permanent basis, contributing to the creation and release of the album Sangue in 2003. The next period, in which the members of the group took on solo careers after the creation of the collective Truceklan, was very positive for Noyz. In July 2005 he released his first solo album entitled Non dormire, disc of 16 tracks in which TruceBoys worked together with other artists of the Roman scene.Shortly after, Noyz Narcos collaborated with Chicoria (from the project In The Panchine) and they published together La calda notte in October 2006. The album, released by Traffik Records, consisted of a CD containing 13 tracks with collaborations with Truceklan artists and a DVD containing live performances of Truceklan. A music video was never broadcast on TV for its explicitly pornographic content.In 2007 Noyz Narcos published Verano zombie, an album in which the instrumental sounds of Non dormire are set aside to move to the equally aggressive beat, but not array of guitar. In the album Metal Carter, Gel, Cole, Mystic One, Duke Montana, Chicoria, collaborated with members of the Truceklan, Danno from Colle Der Fomento, Gue Pequeno, Marracash and Vincenzo da Via Anfossi of Dogo Gang. In the same year, together with representatives of Truceklan and Hawk Nelson Noyz played a part in Mucchio selvaggio, a porn film that has become a cult for fans of Hip Hop.The Ministero dell'inferno collection was released in March 2008, starring the TruceKlan supported by several well-known names of the Italian hip hop scene like Club Dogo, Kaos One, Santo Trafficante, Fabri Fibra, Gente de Borgata, Danno from Colle Der Fomento, and names totally detached from hip hop context: Cripple Bastards, Miss Violetta Beauregarde and Pinta Facile. The atypical nature of the collaboration, the use of samples from the soundtracks of a certain genre film, the dark atmospheres and the dark beats, lyrics focusing exclusively on existential malaise, urban decay, horrific imagery, faced with cruelty, cynicism and total disenchantment wanted to be a breaking point compared to all the Italian rap compilations released until then. The production of the beats was headed by Lou Chano, Fuzzy, Rough, Don Joe, Noyz Narcos, C.U.N.S., Giordy Beat, DJ Gengis Khan. In addition, he starred with Chicoria , Duke Montana and Cole in the short film Ganja Fiction.In the same year the mixtape The Best Out Mixtape was released, produced by DJ Genghis Khan. The album saw the participation of many Italian MC and was a great success so as to make it necessary to build a second volume, issued in June 2009. On the morning of September 18, 2009 during a drug raid called La calda notte Noyz Narcos was detained without being arrestedOn January 29, 2010 Noyz Narcos released his third studio album Guilty, anticipated by video clips for the songs M3 and Mosche nere, respectively published on November 1, 2009 and January 11, 2010. The album includes collaborations with leading members of the Italian rap scene with Club Dogo, Marracash, Fabri Fibra and many others.In 2011, Noyz Narcos, Metal Carter and Duke Montana founded the BBC (an acronym for "Black Bandana Click"). The first project was supposed to be the album Klan Related, but after the publication of the video of Metal Carter (Undead), Duke Montana (Anthem) and Noyz Narcos (Drag You to Hell) the project failed due to disagreements between Noyz and Duke and the three tracks are collected in the EP BBC Project Single.On October 15, 2011 Noyz Narcos participated in the "HitWeek Festival" in Miami, together with artists like Caparezza and Casino Royale. After returning from America Noyz started his new tour called The Best of The Beast organized by Live Nation, Propaganda Agency and Propapromoz. The tour was created to announce his upcoming album titled Monster originally planned for 2012 and left October 31 from Novara ending December 26 in Cagliari, included 12 dates in the major clubs in Italy. He was accompanied in the tour by members of the Truceklan Mystic One and DJ Genghis Khan. On January 28, 2012 in Milan accompanied by DJ Genghis Khan Noyz Narcos opened the concert of the Dope DOD on their first European tour. The evening is called "The Wild Beat Massacre". In February 2012, he released the video for Wild Boys, a piece created in collaboration with Gast. On May 31, he opened the concert in Rome of the U.S. hip-hop collective La Coka Nostra in their Masters of the Dark Arts Tour. In July 23, Noyz Narcos and Metal Carter granted an interview for Vice Italy where they recounted their careers before Truceboys until today. On November 15, he was a guest of The Pills on Deejay TV and the same night he edited his new single video "16 Barre" in collaboration with Aban from his album Ordinary Madness-The Good Side.On May 22, 2012 the single Game Over was published, anticipating the release of the rapper's fourth studio album, entitled Monster and initially planned for the end of the month. On November 23 by Propaganda Agency, the producers of Monster are announced: Denny The Cool, Joe Don, Frenetik Beat, Fritz da Cat, Fuzzy, Kiquè Velasquez, Mace, DJ Shablo, DJ Sine and The Ortopedic.On March 13, 2013 the album cover and the date of publication were announced, set for April 9. The same day it was announced the videoclip of Attica, published in the Noyz Narcos YouTube channel in March 18. The album was released by Propaganda Agency and distributed by Sony Music. Through Facebook, Propaganda Agency published the first seven dates of Monster Tour 2013 started on March 30 in Genoa. For the tour Noyz enlisted the help of DJ Genghis Khan, Chicoria and Gast. Monster was composed of various members of the Truceklan such as Chicoria, Metal Carter, Mystic One and Gast, even beyond Nex Cassel and Gionni Gioielli, Aban, Vacca and Tormento. There was another collaboration with Fetz Darko after Cinemacciaio and in the album there are two scratch of DJ Genghis Khan. The album debuted in seventh position of the Italian Ranked album. On April 18, the video Rob Zombie of Salmo in collaboration with Noyz was published, while on May 13 the third video clip from Monster was released, Alfa Alfa.On July 13, 2013 in Milan he opened the concert of Wu-Tang Clan and two days later he published the video clip of the title track Monster, directed by Trash Secco. Still in 2013, Noyz Narcos embarked on a series of collaborations, including one with Fritz da Cat in the song With or Without It (also attended by the Calibro 35), originally entered in Leaks and later in Fritz, and with DJ Genghis Khan in Casey Jones, inserted in the mixtape Rome Sweet Home.Between the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014, Noyz Narcos has published two other video clips extracted from Monster: Dope Boys and Drive Solo. The video clips were respectively published on November 20, 2013 and February 14, 2014.In May 2015, Noyz Narcos announced the release of a studio album made in collaboration with the producer Fritz da Cat. Distributed by Universal Music Group, the album is called Localz Only and was scheduled for June 1 of that year. To anticipate the release was the videoclip of the title track Localz Only, released on May 14.In March 2018, Noyz Narcos announced the release of his 7th album, made with the producer The Night Skinny. Distributed by Universal Music Group and Thaurus, the album is called "Enemy" and was scheduled for April of that year.

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