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Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles

Cory Henry, Brooklyn NY native, is telling everybody he is on his way. He is a three-time Grammy Award-winning keyboardist with musical roots in gospel, jazz and soul. His instrument of choice is the Hammond B-3 organ. Henry’s 2016 release and touring project, The Revival, features his dynamic and improvisational performances of music ranging from old gospel to Stevie Wonder.
Cory Henry & The Funk Apostles is his newest passion and project, comprised of some of the world’s best musicians, hand picked to bring his musical concepts to life.
 His solo wizardry and charismatic nature have garnered millions of views via YouTube and other social platforms, giving birth to a rabid fan base excited for what’s to come. The upcoming self-titled Cory Henry and The Funk Apostles album exhibits his vocal talents and emphasizes the new sound and vibes he wants to innovate for the world to sing along with. “We are on our way. Tell Everybody. How many bodies? Everybody!”

Main Event: 21:30

Eugenio In Via Di Gioia @ Locomotiv Club

Estragon presents: Eugenio In Via Di Gioia live @ Locomotiv Club

Main Event: 22:30