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Last May 5 came out the new expected COEZ album "Faccio un casino".This is the fourth album of the artist, able to move in pop and rap lands with great ease. The album, produced by the same COEZ along with NICCOLÒ CONTESSA (I Cani) and SINE, contains twelve intimate tracks, capable of describing feelings like love, friendship, in a direct and exciting way. COEZ's style has won people and criticism, joining the consent and decreasing it as one of the most original members of the modern songwriter. The album was successfully launched on Spotify on March 10, entering the top 50 playlist and remaining for ten days at the top of the Viral 50, overcoming the 400,000 streams in just over two weeks.
"Faccio un casino" video has exceeded 200,000 views in just over 48 hours.

Main Event: 22:00