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James Senese Napoli Centrale

James Senese is an artist that does not need to be introduced. His music and his personal history just do it for him. He is the leader and the founder of Napoli Centrale, one of the most important group in the Italian music history. In almost 50 years of musical career, James Senese has worked with a lot of important songwriters and funk-jazz musicians, mixing the Neapolitan folk music with jazz and rock sounds. Above all, he played with the unforgettable Neapolitan musician Pino Daniele, a friend with whom he worked until the very last days.In this new album, "O’ Sanghe", we can find all the musical connections that made his music great, plus a newfound energy! Funk and blues, a touch of jazz and a lot of Mediterranean groove… Because the atmosphere, the stories, the life and the everyday struggles of the fascinating city of Naples simply live in this album and in the melodies of James Senese.  He is a timeless and distinguishable artist, with a warm heart that talks to the humble. 

Main Event: 22:00