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Brunori Sas

After an early career with two indie band, Petite and Blume, which publishes some singles and an album, in 2009 he released his first album, titled Vol.1, in which sings a melodic pop songwriting that gets to be an instant success and earned him awards "Targa Tenco" and "Premio Ciampi". Two years later comes "Vol.2 – Poveri Cristi". After the soundtrack of "E’ nata una star?" Lucio Pellegrini films with Rocco Papaleo and Luciana Littizzetto, in February 2014 he made his third album, "Vol.3 – Il cammino di Santiago in taxi", preceded by the single "Kurt Cobain", dedicated to the leader of Nirvana. " A casa tutto bene" is his new album, out in january 2017 on Picicca dischi.

Main Event: 22:00