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Assalti Frontali + Inoki Ness

Assalti Frontali is an hip-hop band from Rome. Their political attitude is a main point in their lyrics, that rarely are not politically oriented.
Active since early '90, their first LP is "Terra Di Nessuno" (1991), that is a not-yet mature, but interesting work that gave the band a large visibility in the italian scene. "Conflitto" (1996) is probably their earlier real masterpiece, melting in one record a rock/punk instrumental attitude with rapped lyrics in an original and interesting release for the time.
After many years in the independent italian scene they signed for a major and released "Banditi" for BMG. the record is musically more close to hip-hop stereotypes but it has still a very strong attitude in the lyrics.
In 2004 the band returned in the independent scene where they grew and released "HSL" (acronym for latin "Hic Sunt Leones"). In 2006 the band released "Mi Sa Che Stanotte…", in 2008 released “Un’intesa perfetta” and in 2011 “Profondo Rosso” produced and distributed by Daje Forte Daje Records/Venus.In 2016 the band back with a new album “Mille gruppi avanzano” produced and distributed by Daje Forte Daje Records/Goodfellas.

Main Event: 22:00
aftershow   Max Dj
ore 23:59

aftershow Max Dj

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