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Taranta Party Live Alla Bua

The Alla Bua born from more traditional experiences of music culture of Salento. They initially form in the historycal feast of Saint Rocco in Torrepaduli, in traveling nights of Easter singing of "Santu Lazzaru", in typical parties of made of wine courts, spread voices and unceasing drums. Among these sounds the six components of group joined, coming from various villages of Salento (Casarano, Torrepaduli, Collepasso, Cavallino, Sternatia), with the common consciousness to feel right the heritage of popolar music, learned in their own houses and with the great passion to play it, hand down it and disclose it. "Alla Bua" was an expression used by the elderly people of Southern Salento (in taverns of Alliste and surroundings) to accompany work or love songs. Word repeated incessantly, like a mantra, it was a kind of drone and then of support for the main voice. The etymological meaning seems to come from greek language (an ancient dialect still spoken in a zone of Salento called "Grec├Ča", limited in about ten villages and strangely far from Alliste). Then Alla Bua means "another way", "another care", "another illness", "alternative medicine". In this concept the mind and the sound of group materialize. The cure of past deseases, caused by poisonous bite of legendary tarantula, the sickness of a society exhausted by the difficulties and poverty which becomes today a cure against the frenzy and the flatness of modern society. A cure which yesterday and today occurs to the sound of "pizzica pizzica", a strong dance, warm and liberating.

The Alla Bua are the union of everything that the music of Salento requires to be the result of its expressiveness, charge of a difficult past (and sometimes of a present too). Features and quality which, in the unbridled fun of musicians, dancers and fans which participate numerous in their shows, are implemented as a true "alternative cure". In recent years the Alla Bua's repertoire has been enriched by original songs composed by the same components, in a sometimens tied to tradition style, sometimes instead only motivated by the spirit of the group and then more innovative and original.

Main Event: 22:30